Art Piece of the Month

György KONECSNI (1908-1970): Gas – Heats and Cools

tempera on fibreboard

Konecsni, who originally started as a painter, was known since the early 1930s as an advertisment and stamp designer. Throughout his career that spanned several political systems, he received many awards both domestically and abroad. In 1946, he helmed the Department of Applied Graphics at University of Fine Arts and led it until his death. Konecsni left a huge impact on the graphic design generation emerging after 1945 and his large-scale mosaics and wall pieces are mostly in public institutions.

Using very few motifs and experimenting with techniques and genres, Konecsni's advertisement art that consciously applied elements of modern mass media gained worlwide recognition very soon. One of his best-known works was made for the state-owned gas provider company in Budapest. The gasfitter robot figure was among the most popular Hungarian advertising figures at the time a neon sign version stood on Erzsébet Square until 2005. For his exhibition held in Műcsarnok (Art Hall) in 1968, Konecsni painted a second version of this poster.

Photo by Judit Fáryné Szalatnyay. 


Kiscell Museum – Municipal Gallery

Kiscelli utca 108.

HU-1037 Budapest