Arrtwork of the Month / April


György KONECSNI (1908-1970): Composition

ca. 1965
oil on paper
101 x 97 cm


Although György Konecsni was primarily known as a designer of posters and stamps, as a former Gyula Rudnay disciple, he did not forget his picturesque roots. The duality of traditional figurative representation and the experimentation with geometric, surrealistic forms is present throughout his career. This particular piece of his can be perceived just as much as a color study or landscape sketch as it can be seen as an abstract composition. It was painted in the mid-1960s when Konecsni’s attention turned to large-scale public space works, characterized by inventive, unusual posters. During this period of experimenting, he found a new picturesque vocabulary, similar to the expressive tools of his fellow artists who emerged in the same period and who had been cast aside earlier by cultural policy, such as Endre Bálint, Dezső Korniss and Lili Ország.


Photo: Ágnes Bakos, Bence Tihanyi. 


Kiscell Museum – Municipal Gallery

Kiscelli utca 108.

HU-1037 Budapest