Reflections. An Exhibition by Tamás Zankó

On show from 17 October to 26 November.
From pop art paintings to environments and colored pattern prints on waxed canvas, from exhibition and theatrical decorations to autonomous art pieces: a great variety of techniques appear in the works of Tamás Zankó who is presented to the Hungarian public for the first time here in the Church space of Kiscell Museum.

LAMP! A Design Icon in the Light of Art

On show until 31 December 2017.
The Kiscell Museum - Municipal Picture Gallery proudly presents its new temporary exhibition: LAMP! A Design Icon in the Light of Art.

Permanent Exhibitions

Our permanent exhibitions provide the visitors with the material relics related to the modern history of the capital, such as guild chests, fine furniture pieces, clocks, silverware, veduti and architectural drawings. In the former baroque monastery and church housing the Kiscell Museum one can travel back in time and discover the fine quality of the objects and the serenity of everyday in 18-20th century Budapest.