Google Arts & Culture

Over 180 artefacts can be viewed online by people around the world due to a new partnership between the Google Cultural Institute and the Kiscelli Museum from 21 January 2016. Besides the objects, specially curated virtual exhibits and a virtual tour in the museum buliding is also available online.

Temporary exhibition

From the end of October two new contemporary art exhibitions will be on display in Museum Kiscell. In the Church space "Without Index - Mr. A. B. in X", an exhibition by Ferenc Gróf focuses on the panel paintings of Aurél Bernáth from 1958 and on the novel by Tibor Déry, while in the oratory the video installations of Emese Miskolczi will be projected.

Permanent Exhibitions

Our permanent exhibitions provide the visitors with the material relics related to the modern history of the capital, such as guild chests, fine furniture pieces, clocks, silverware, veduti and architectural drawings. In the former baroque monastery and church housing the Kiscell Museum one can travel back in time and discover the fine quality of the objects and the serenity of everyday in 18-20th century Budapest.