Carrying on research in our collections is possible under the below conditions. The leader of the collection in question (select from the Menu items About ourselves/Staff) has to be contacted and informed about the research theme, then the time schedule for the research has to be arranged. An application form for the research permit has to be filled out (download below) and submitted when the research begins.
Ordering reproductions
The museum photographer accepts requests to provide digital photos of objects selected from the collection during the research (she alone is entitled to take photos). You have to fill out the Permission of use form (download below). The price of a digital photocopy is HUF 1500+VAT to be paid against the photographer’s bill. The price of photographing a 3-D object is to be arranged individually.
Copyright for reproductions
The application for using a reproduction has to be submitted to the head of the Department of the Modern History, Kiscell Museum at any of the following addresses:
Fax: 36-1-3888560
Letter: Kiscelli Múzeum, 1037 Budapest, Kiscelli u. 108.
You are requested to specify the following in the application:
  • - name, address, tax number, registry number, access possibility (phone, fax) of individual/firm,
  • - name, inventory number of selected art work,
  • - name of the placement of the reproduction: publication, film, internet, decoration, etc.
On the basis of the application the museum sets the copyright fee (in view of the tariffs below). In case of publications, a certain number of free copies to be individually determined is required.

Books, press

20 USD/ 13 GBP/ 15 EUR/ picture

Cover of a publication

48 USD/ 31 GBP/ 36 EUR/ picture

Film, Television

29 USD/ 19 GBP/ 22 EUR/ picture


Individually determined

Postcard, calendar, decoration

Individually determined

Pictures of threedimensional objects

Individually determined

A discount is possible for an order of more than 20 reproductions. When the reproduction is used for scientific purposes, the price for the copyright is determined individually.
A permit for use is liable for a single use, for the purpose required. The Museum informs the applicant of the terms and when accepted, prepares the contract for use and sends it for signing. Three signed copies (also stamped by firms) are to be mailed back to the Museum, of which 1 copy will be sent back to user after signing. The reproduction can be collected against a receipt when the contract has been signed. Our photographer makes out the bill for the reproduction, the Finance Department mails the bill for the copyright fee.

Copyright license agreement      



Permission of use