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A personal interactive self-awareness performance of the Living Picture Theatre


Venue: the courtyard of Kiscelli Múzeum, 1037 Budapest, Kiscelli u. 108, phone: +36-1-250-0304

Date: 21-09-2014 12 AM – 5.30 PM, entry is in every 3 minutes one by one, enter until 4 PM

Length: individual, but maximum 2 hours

Language: Hungarian, English


In case of rain the performance will be held in the crypt of Kiscelli Ruinchurch!

Registration is required on our website: www.livingpicture.org


We deal with the visitors individually in the labyrinth, so the participation fee is defined accordingly.

Prices for those who register until 15-09-2014:

The full-price ticket 4000 HUF, discount (students and pensioners) ticket 3000 HUF

Prices for those who register after 15-09-2014:

The full-price ticket 5200 HUF, discount (students and pensioners) ticket 3900 HUF

Registration is a valid reservation, the ticket price is to be paid on the spot. We draw our visitors' attention that the ticket price is valid for a period of up to two hours and for a longer time of visit we will charge proportionately extra fee.


The Octopus Tarot Labyrinth – that has been invited to Sziget Festival every year since 2003, and has been invited to other festivals in Győr, Budapest, Novi Sad and Lille – follows an exceptional performance form in which the message is especially individual: through interactive communicative situations you are called into a self-knowledge performance or if you like into a philosophical roll-game. The scene is an octagonal, three-dimensional labyrinth without dead ends from which you have to find the way out.

The labyrinth is the path of the mystery of initiation and rebirth. Not only the form of the convolutions makes the way a labyrinth but principally the mental change born in us because of the performed journey. In this labyrinth the mystery of “labyrinth” and “Tarot”, like the life path and its stations interweave.

By entering the labyrinth you can choose from 24 cards turned upside down. These cards are several thousand years old symbols of our life-roles – the Major Arcana (the word “Arcanum” means remedy) – and you will personalize one of them during the self-knowledge pilgrimage wearing a hat the colour of which is in compliance with the chosen Arcanum.

If you start your journey in the labyrinth to find yourself and to get to know yourself, in small spaces along the convolutions, Living Mirrors – the Major Arcana revived from the cards – will wait for you and show their reflections from the aspect of their roles to your role. Your task will be to recognise which are the mirrors that reflect your personality or your present life-role the most. On the way you can make notes about the certain experiences of the encounters – we give you a booklet for it.

The performance inspires you to meditate on the different essential archetypical ideas of life – that are recognizable in the Tarot cards – about their relations and their presence in your life or in your actual life situation. The aim of the performance is that you understand and live your role, and you make revelations and decisions which will also have an impact on your individual live.

For the self-recognition game it is recommended to know the meanings of the Major Arcana, so you can easier delve into the interpretation or empathy of the meanings of messages addressed to your role.


Artistic and Project Leader, Directing: Bérczi Zsófia


Shortfilm: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SVl9CjoZdsA

Detailed information, pictures: www.livingpicture.org

Contact: zsofia_berczi@livingpicture.org, 70-3387002




1. Magician: Király Mónika

2. Priestess: Birtalan Krisztina

3. Empress: Törzsök Kata

4. Emperor: Zemlényi-Kovács Barnabás

5. Prophet: Fenyvesi András / Magyar László

6. Crossroads: Békefi Róbert

7. Chariot: Gál Anita

8. Justice: Kreif Kinga

9. Hermit: Tankó Barnabás

10. Wheel of Fortune: Kása Tímea

11. Strength: Marosán Médea

12. Hanged Man: Farkas Péter

13. Death: Fenyvesi Boga

14. Temperance: Horváth Luca

15. Devil: Makra Viktória és Chován Gábor

16. Tower: Hutter Annamária

17. Star: Csikós Nóra / Fenyvesi Zsuzsanna

18. Moon: Szabó Vera

19. Sun: Hrotkó Heléna

20. Judgment: Jobbágy Bernadett

21. World: Gerzson-Lipták Orsolya

22. Fool: Zemlényi-Kovács Zoltán

23. Earth: Sarlós Ágnes

24. Gate: Molnár Anna


Design of the labyrinth, costumes and cards: Bérczi Zsófia

Design of the labyrinth structure: Terebessy Tóbiás


The photographer of the Gallery was Szilvia Mucsy.




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