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Over 180 artefacts can be viewed online by people around the world due to a new partnership between the Google Cultural Institute and the Kiscelli Museum from 21 January 2016.  Thanks to this new virtual exhibition in English, users will be able to see one of Miksa Róth’s finest stained glass window or the Polyphon music-box and many other terasures of the museum in just a few clicks at the  Kiscelli Museum online virtual exhibition.


Using the Street View feature, people can walk around the museum virtually, selecting works that interest them and clicking to discover more. A specially designed Street View ‘trolley’ took 360 degree images of selected galleries which were then stitched together, enabling smooth navigation of all the exhibition rooms within the museum, including the unique Church space as well.


Specially curated virtual exhibits have been developed for the online visitors who can discover 3 interactive exhibits: Corpse in the basket trunk, Bridges – Ages – Budapest and Budapest – Light and shadow. The first one tells the story of Elza the Magnate, who was the mistress of Miksa Schmidt, owner of the Kiscell Mansion, and was killed in her flat by her housekeeper and the woman’s lover.

Hope you will enjoy our virtual artefacts, tours and exhibitions!


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